Jun 1

Ann Shulgin on the New Transform Press

As we begin this new year of 2016, I would like to share with you some exciting developments at the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute (ASRI) and Transform Press. For a few years now, ASRI and Transform Press have been growing into distinct organizations, and I am pleased to announce that they are now officially separate sister institutions. My daughter Wendy Tucker, who worked closely with Sasha at Transform Press for many years, is now the legal owner of that enterprise and is moving forward with her own vision for its development. ASRI is helmed by Paul Daley, Scott Bodarky, and Tania Manning, who are continuing Sasha’s research...

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Jun 16

Upcoming National Geographic Documentary on Sasha: “The Love Drug”

mdma tartrate 2 National Geographic has made an hour-long special about Sasha entitled “The Love Drug.” The episode is part of its I Am Rebel series and will air this Sunday, June 19th, at 9 pm on the National Geographic Channel.
The program producers have sensationalized Sasha’s peripheral encounters with chemical warfare specialists from Edgewood Arsenal and his interactions with the DEA, which is their editorial style. Those who know Sasha and his work will recognize where there has been some embellishing. While not the same caliber of film as Dirty Pictures, the sections on Sasha’s research into MDMA and its benefits in psychotherapy are quite well done and end the program...

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